Empire Brewing Company has been selected to create the 20th Annual Madison County Hop Fest Anniversary Craft Beer !


Would your craft brewery like to participate at the 20th Annual Madison County Hop Fest offering craft beer samples to our patrons?   If so, please contact us for more details!


Earlier this year, the Hop Fest Committee sent out an RFP inviting New York State breweries to design and manufacture a unique Madison County Hop Fest 20th Anniversary beer using beer ingredients from Madison County New York.


The committee’s selection process involved reviewing each proposal making sure that the set criteria had been met. The committee felt strongly that Empire Brewing’s proposal demonstrated a thorough understanding of what Hop Fest is all about, as well as a consideration for marketing the beer locally and beyond Hop Fest.


We are so excited that the hoppy beer will use an indigenous heritage hop variety. Plus, they aptly named it Hop Trail Ale with a Madison County Hop Trail map on the custom designed growler.  


Hop Trail Ale will replicate a pre prohibition style of beer with a bit of character and a deep copper to amber color. 


Empire’s Hop Trail Ale will be launched during Hop Fest weekend and served first at the Hop Fest Paired Beer Dinner on September 18 at the Ye Olde Landmark Tavern and then under the Hop Fest’s craft beer tent on September 19. 


There are plans to purchase custom designed growlers of the Hop Trail Ale at Empire’s Syracuse brewpub location and bars and restaurants throughout Madison County.   The Hop Fest Committee is so pleased that Empire’s Hop Trail Ale captures the proud hop heritage of Madison County!

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