Paired Beer Dinner
Friday, September 17, 2021

Kick-off Madison County Hop Fest Weekend right by joining us on Friday, September 17 at 6 pm with a Paired Beer Dinner hosted at Foothill Hops Farm Brewery located at 5024 Bear Path Road in Munnsville. The 4-course Paired Beer Dinner will be catered by HipStir Café. HipStir’s Executive Chef, Jennifer Di Giorgio, an accomplished chef graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, has curated an exceptional meal that has been exquisitely paired with craft beers from Foothill Hops Farm Brewery.


At the paired beer dinner this year, we will recognize this year’s 2021 Hop King, Chad Meigs, owner of the Bineyard in Cazenovia. Chad has been growing, harvesting, drying, pelletizing, and packaging hops for eleven years at his hop yard. Chad has demonstrated his passion for honoring hop heritage in our region through his dedication and continuous efforts to improve conditions for hop growers through leadership, education, lobbying, and marketing to brewers. Chad has also shared his wealth of knowledge with visitors by presenting programs at the Hop Fest and by hosting tours of the Bineyard during the Hop Heritage Tour. The Madison County Hop Fest Committee is honored to bestow the title of Hop King 2021 to Chad Meigs. 


Tickets are $75 and can be purchased online at, or HipStir Café on July 31. This event is co-sponsored with Foothill Hops Farm Brewery. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit the educational programming at the Madison County Historical Society.